Greetings Academy Parents and Friends:
On behalf of the Field of Dreams Academy board of directors, staff members, corporate partners, donors, and friends, we would like for your family to serve as volunteers for the 2012 Hosea Feed the Hungry Thanksgiving Dinner.  Our goal was to have 120 volunteers from the Field of Dreams Academy and community at large.   
It is a honor and privilege for all of us to share and give to our fellow man/woman/child who is less fortunate at this moment of time. 
This volunteer program builds character and challenges our student-athletes to be the next generation of leaders who can/will make a difference in our community!
Below, I have outlined the specific details regarding our volunteer assignment.  Additionally, please complete the volunteer sign-up sheet
Event: Hosea Feed the Hungry Thanksgiving Dinner
Location: Georgia World Congress--Hall C & D
Parking:  Red Parking Lot located on the backside.  Inform the security officer that you are with the Field of Dreams Academy
Report to: The Security Check-In Point   Please have your driver's license and a copy of the email and volunteer list for security check-in.  (See attachment)
Volunteer Assignment: Prep Kitchen/Home Delivery 
Location Kitchen and Service Level       Go up the service tunnel travel to the left hallway and kitchen area is on the right side 
Supervisor: Scott Lucas--Hosea Feed the Hungry
Report Time:  1st Shift:   8:00am to 10:30am
                         2nd Shift: 10:00am to 12:30pm
Please arrive 30 minutes before report time to allow for parking and security check-in
I hope you and your family will volunteer and give of your time and talent to this worthy cause!
Kind Regards,

Terry Johnson
Executive Director, Field of Dreams Academy

Hosea Feed the Hungry